So what is it that makes Harber Brand so special? 

The Harber Brand is a registered livestock brand. The “Flying H”.represents our family’s western roots, entrepreneurial spirit and tradition of hard work, expert craftsmanship and commitment to quality. 

Paul Harber is a craftsman…his father was a craftsman…his grandfather was a craftsman, and his son Jesse is also a craftsman making the world’s finest Damascus steel at his company www.vegasforge.com

Legacy is important to the Harber clan. Values of dependability, quality and integrity run deep.

After selling the underground utility business he owned in Las Vegas for over 30 years, Paul became interested in damascus steel and began building a shop to forge the world's finest US made stainless steel damascus and mokume gane. Paul bought the best equipment that he could find, even sourcing the world famous Nazel Pneumatic Hammers built in the early 1900's for hammering steel, and created a workshop fit for the product he would create. 


In the mid-2010s, Paul’s son Jesse took over Vegas Forge and custom built and perfected such innovations as compressed air ribbon burner forges, ensuring an even temperature, so crucial for forging strong metals. A master craftsman himself, Jesse is now carrying on the Harber family tradition and has built Vegas Forge into the leading supplier of Stainless Steel Damascus in the nation.

All Harber Brand products are hand crafted specifically from the World's Finest Damascus made by Jesse and his team.

Because legacy is so important to the Harber family, in 2018 Paul created a relationship with another strong family, the Schenks from Idaho Falls, Idaho. The Schenk family has been in the business of producing the finest knife blades in the industry for over 50 years through their company Schenk Knives. 

The collaboration between Harber Brand, Vegas Forge and Schenk Knives has created the possibility to offer a truly elite, 100% American handcrafted Harber Brand original: The “Regal” Gentleman’s Knife. 


The Regal may look like a simple pocket knife, but it’s built for the range. The design has a smooth release, exceptionally sharp blade and feels right in the palm of your hand for any task you may endeavor. It's like a fine timepiece...functional but elegant. It will be the topic of conversations for it's stunning appearance. 

Rest assured, this isn’t your grandfather’s pocket knife…